Plus single-sided with 4. Due to the fact that the data layer on a Blu-ray Disc is placed much “closer” to the laser lens than in DVD, there is less distortion resulting in significantly improved tolerances. Win10 cannot support ODD. Connect the other end of the Serial ATA data cable to your drive. The name Blu-ray came from the fact that the laser beam which reads the data from the new discs is blue instead of red which is used for current DVDs and CDs. Based on these concerns, the 8 major Film Industry Company had set some protections:

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The Blu-ray Disc system uses the same 12 cm and 8 cm disc sizes to support backward compatibility defoder your CDs and DVDs and other optical disc formats. To read such highly packed tracks, a DVD drive must use nm wavelength laser “thinner” beams along with a larger NA lens smaller spot compared to nm wavelength laser used in CD-ROM drives.

Turn off your PC and disconnect all power cords.

“Windows Media cannot play DVD because a compatible DVD decoder is not installed on your computer”

Please make sure your test utility test to the outer tracks, and your test disc is filled all the way with data we recommend clean disc, and pure data. Single-layer can hold 25GB Dual-layer versions of the discs that can hold 50GB Capacity could be increased as additional layers are added there have been announcements of GB four-layer discs and Sony has been conducting laboratory work with a GB disc This added capacity makes more customer features and benefits possible in the future, which shows that Blu-ray is the format for the long term.


Visit the DVD-ROM drive’s manufacturer’s official website to see if there is any new firmware available for your model. Please seek warranty services. A DVD-R can only be burned once. DVDs also use a shorter pit, smaller track pitch, and more efficient encoding method to record 4. The transfer rate slows down, depending upon the available system resources in a Windows environment.

And the pin definition of Serial ATA power connector should be the same as that in the following figure. The largest selection of high-def playback devices. Connect the other end of the Serial ATA data cable to your drive.

PDD was not intended for home video use and was aimed at business data archiving and backup. This enables DVDs to record 2 layers lieon tracks on each side one layer is on top of another.

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However, Blu-ray Discs will output full high definition resolution in p which will maximize the use of your high definition TV. This new blue laser is at the heart of Blu-ray Disc technology i. Eject button mulfunction Please varify if there is click sound when eject button is depressed. Because of this shorter wavelength nmsubstantially more data can be stored on a Blu-ray Disc than on the common DVD format, which uses a red, nm laser. There are lots of forums and websites are talking liteln Win10 problem, please find the solution from them.

If one is required, attach this 4-pin to Serial ATA power adapter to the 4-pin power connector from your PC power supply. If the user is only watching movies or simply listening to music not copyingthe DVD-ROM drive will smartly slow down even further to a quieter operation and less sensitive to disc quality.


Actual performance may vary based litson hardware, software and overall system configuration. If your system only support USB 1. We suggest you upgrade your system to USB 2. And, always install the software received with the drive. DVD-ROM drives are able to determine if user is watching movies or transferring data, and set decodrr transfer rate accordingly to maximize drive’s efficiency. Make sure download from authorized site only.

Blu-ray Disc is supported by many of the leading consumer electronics and computing manufacturers.

There is DVD-5, a single-sided and single-layer disc which holds 4. The upgrade utility has in programmed with a criteria-check function to avoid flashing the DVD-ROM drive with a wrong firmware consult you Lite-On Customer Service representatives for further assistance. Check if you’ve already have the latest firmware version. When recording software does not show available writing devices, it means that the software did NOT detect any writing hardware in your PC.

All supporting studios have either already released or have announced release of movies on 50GB discs. Check your model number and the files you’ve downloaded. Dirty disc surface Clean disc reflection surface the side with NO printings with materials that will NOT scratch or leave lint on the surface.

Interruption during Firmware flashing process Firmware flashing process could be interrupted by low power voltage, or sudden system shutdown.