You can also contact the company at Darlington Ave. The II Film Holders Negatives below and slides in the opened holder They are not identical to the ‘s holders, though. But first, launch your scanning software. Apart from powering the scanner on or off and loading film holders, you really don’t need to access it. What was most evident working with these less-than-optimum images was that the greater specification depth and new light source and optics of the scanner produced raw scan image data with much more latitude for correction and adjustment. So, when you add up all of the functional advantages, including scan speed and more streamlined functioning, as well as getting to a finished ideal image more directly and with less effort, the new II could be seen as an efficiency and production value advantage. Scanning the Ektachrome to a bit raw file and color correcting in SilverFast HDR allowed restoring the contrast and full range of densities after removing a blue cast.

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But our enthusiasm was tempered when we learned the included software could not actually calibrate the scanner. Optionally adjust the image When I got to scanning black and white and Kodachrome with Digital ICE turned off to output high-bit files, each scan was done very quickly. After configuring Master dimgae for the batch scan and initializing the scanner, you can scan holder after holder of images.

And, you can use Digital ICE to produce a bit raw file that is free of dirt and elitd defects.

Scanner Review: Konica Minolta DiMAGE Scan Elite II

With the software expecting something to do, gently push the holder into the scanner. However, I didn’t think twice about it being a good move and sent Konica Minolta a check rather than return the scanner.


Scanning the Ektachrome to a bit raw file and color correcting in SilverFast HDR allowed restoring the contrast and full range of densities after removing a blue cast. Connect the power adapter to the scanner, plug it in, cable the scanner to your computer avoiding any USB hubs and, with your computer running, turn on the scanner’s power switch.

Most of the cull images I began my testing with did not require such large color corrections; for the most part the issues with them had to do with overexposure and underexposure and “unfortunate” lighting.

Konica Minolta Dimage Scan Elite 5400 II Scanner

We generally prefer not to use the manufacturer’s scanning software, opting instead for VueScan or SilverFast. For those like me who purchased the first scanner, it might be a harder decision whether or not to upgrade. Fast and easy to use. Below it but still to the left of the slot are the Scan and Eject buttons. Working with the II was a pleasure.

Show More Show Less. Indicators are embossed, but it would be nice to add Braille. Whitetail in the Snow.

However, with very grainy black and white or the high-speed, grainy Scnait is less effective.

This may make for some grain noise, however, particularly with older Ektachrome-type films, as I’ve noticed that dye deterioration from age seems to affect shadow densities most of all.

You can also contact the company at Darlington Ave. Postponing corrections like grain dmage may not be efficient, but it’s very easy to oversharpen an image, for example. The scanner will diamge the holder and feed it in to do an index scan, which shows the software what’s in the holder.


The Imacon virtual drum process, incidentally, works imperfectly with cardboard mounted 35mm slides.

Minolta Dimage Scan Elite 5400 II – film scanner (35 mm) – desktop – USB 2.0

The advantage, for a reviewer, is being able to focus on the hardware. There are two main advantages HDR offers over using Photoshop to adjust and color correct raw image files.

Instructions were very clear and easy to follow and we got dimagee results quickly. So if you’re unhappy with your scan, change your settings and try it again.

Minolta DiMAGE Scan Elite II – for better Scans, buy SilverFast Scanner Software

Digital GEM for film grain management to analyse film emulsion patterns and reduce graininess while preserving image quality, color and sharpness. They are not identical to the ‘s holders, though.

The two scans can be auto-aligned in Photoshop and then the out-of-focus zones from each of the two scans eliet. Featuring several image correction technologies, the Konica Minolta Elite II scanner 5040 images are never blurry or distorted. Drum-Scanner quality 35mm scanner Epite Scan Elite II is sharp enough to capture not only the smallest details 35mm film can resolve, but grain and dust far smaller.

Select the frame to scan Easy Scan Utility provides simplified three-step scanning with on-screen instructions beginners can use with confidence. Like thethe front panel is simple.

It does multiple scans of an image with no loss of sharpness, which reduces or nearly eliminates CCD noise.