Then image the hard drive with DOS Ghost, then restore the image on the target machine. Just more steps to do to accomplish the same result. Well I figured it out. This step is the one most missed when users do an OS re-install If I’m not in the correct forum for this question let me know. Find More Posts by alexh. I’m sure we can figure this out somehow.

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Amiga network card drivers.

I would imagine the limitation is 2 or 4Gig as per Kickstart limitation but I dont know. Find More Posts by Zetr0. I never networked an Amiga before I don’t have problems with networking PCs as I’m kind a network admin with all other admin functions as well. Yes it is a 3Com device.

The best way I have found to install Win98 is to use an existing machine that is using Win98, then copy the Win98 folder from the Win98 CD to a folder on the hard drive. It will also decompress LHA files and has basic file managment functions such as rename, delete, file information etc.

I wont be able to try it untill my accelerator arrives from ebay. I do understand though that Firefox is a great browser, but unless I can chat with someone with experience on setting it up I’m dead in the water. I’ll check that path too.


3Ccfe575Bt-D Dell 10/100 Cardbus Lan Pc Card

I’m sure we can figure this out somehow. You’ll have to download them off Aminet and install. Is it possible and where to find amiga drivers for them? No need to swap drives for anything.

3Com Megahertz 3CCFE575BT-D (Dell)

Post the exact model numbers and I’ll tell you. Thanks guys for letting me bend your ears. I am not sure if the wireless card you have will be this type. Page 1 of 4. Support your Amiga shop!

Dell Wired Ethernet (RJ) Laptop Network Cards for sale | eBay

I tried the Mozilla website forums and always seem to get broken, very short answers that don’t really give any guidance. Forum only search News: Could be just misinformation, though. The time now is Is Windows 98 capable of using an ethernet card? At this point I am unsure of what to do to fix this. If price is secondary to your free time I recommend you get the AmigaKit product, 3cfe575bt-d should make things easier.


As 3ccfe575bt-r stands I don’t have access to a computer with Windows 98 on it. Short answer an Upgrade CD won’t do squat without a qualifying version of Windows already installed I was trying to dereference Null Pointers before it was cool.

Then image the hard drive with DOS Ghost, then restore the image on the target machine. It is designed to be as user 3ccge575bt-d as possible and is supplied with printed documentation with screenshots.

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I seem to get frustrated with it trying to set it up and not having anyone else around 3cffe575bt-d me, myself and I, it gets uninstalled and back to IE8 I go.

Find More Posts by dambuster. It is not a cardbus card, but there are no drivers for it anyway, so it doesn’t make a difference.

I apologize for the delay.